Crocodiles are an apex predator and are a principal player in one of nature’s great dramas, river crossings by the great migration. Common throughout all of the safari countries, crocs can inhabit almost any water. In some areas they are bold and very visible, in other locations they are shy and a challenge to see.

There are five species of crocodile in Africa: Nile crocodile, West African crocodile, West African slender-snouted crocodile, and African dwarf crocodile. The Nile crocodile is the most common and, at 10-15 feet in length on average, it is the largest species in Africa, second only to the saltwater crocodile found in Australia.

Crocodile Itineraries

Big Five of Southern Africa

From $7,995 per person Southern Africa is an incredibly diverse region with varying weather, landscapes, cultures, and wildlife. This itinerary covers three major highlights of Southern Africa: The Greater Kruger National Park, Victoria Falls and the Okavango Delta.

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Essential Diversity: River and Desert

From $14,750 per person This safari is designed for the safari connoisseur seeking rarity, exclusivity and luxury along with the full diversity of wildlife. The itinerary includes private guiding and vehicle at both safari camps, offering the ultimate in flexibility and maximizing the opportunities to see wildlife you want to see, while maintaining supreme comfort and luxury.

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Botswana Elephant Safari

From $8,125 per person This elephant-focused safari takes you to some of the best locations in all of Africa for seeing and interacting with elephants.

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Zambia Walking and Waterways Safari

From $8,395 per person Zambian safaris are distinguished by the vintage expedition-style adventure delivered under the care of exceptional guides in remote wilderness areas teeming with wildlife.

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Kenya Luxury For Less

From $9,995 per person This safari includes some of our favorite unique Kenyan accommodations and a huge variety of activities, all for an incredible discount- over 40% off of the high season rate.

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Wild Kenya: Big Cats and Biodiversity in the Mara

From $3,995 per person Kenya is the original safari country and still delivers the classic game viewing experience. Featuring the Masai Mara Reserve, which is quite likely the most productive wildlife viewing area in all of Africa, this is a superb location for serious game viewing and photography.

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Ultimate Predators of Botswana

From $7,650 per person This safari includes our favorite private concession areas which have proven to provide exceptional opportunities to view Botswana's iconic predator species including lion, leopard, cheetah, and wild dog.

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Crocodile Videos

Best Places to See Crocodiles on Safari

Crocodile enjoying sunshine in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

The Mara River in both Kenya and Tanzania is the setting for the dramatic migration crossings where crocodile predatory action is most commonly seen. On the Mara River there are huge crocodiles that are easy to locate basking in the sun.

Tanzania’s Katavi National Park has huge densities of crocodiles — they are forced to congregate in great masses late in the dry season as water becomes scarce.

Zambia’s South Luangwa is another park full of highly visible crocodiles along the Luangwa River and its tributaries. Dry season conditions offer better visibility of the crocodiles as the water levels drop.


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