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A safari should be a profound experience. Great guides can touch your heart and fill your mind with a new understanding of the natural world that surrounds you. Witness astonishing wildlife, complete with fascinating behaviors and interactions between species. Engage with people who are soulful and welcoming. Safari is like no other journey, yet most people find a fast familiarity buried deep in their DNA as this is a return to our origins.

A trip to Africa can often overwhelm the senses, much like the number of safari operators available to consumers today can make travel planning an overwhelming decision. That’s where The Wild Source comes in.

So… what makes The Wild Source different
from mainstream safari operators?
The Wild Source is a mission-driven safari operator. We specialize in wildlife biologist-planned safaris, using travel as a conservation tool to empower local people and conserve wildlife and wild places. We are known for our remarkable guiding team, serious wildlife viewing, and creating camp ownership opportunities for local people.
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Extraordinarily Unconventional Safari Experiences

World Class

As a tour operator founded by safari guides, we know the experience, knowledge, and passion of your guide is the backbone of the entire safari experience
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Wildlife Biologist Background

Our founder Bill’s biology background informs our planning decisions. Meanwhile, our Tanzanian biologists are actively conducting field research in the Serengeti.
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Revolutionary Partnerships

We are committed to empowering local safari guides to gain ownership of camps that traditionally only benefit foreign expat owners
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Our planning team has the personal “boots on the ground” experience and deep knowledge of wildlife destinations to plan the best safari tailored to your interests.
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The Process We Use To Deliver Exactly What You Want

How We Plan Your Ultimate Safari


It Starts with
Your Dreams

We Stay True to Our Foundation:
The best guides, locations, and local connections are the pillars of our product


We Start with the Big Picture:
We take time to explain the differences between safari styles and destinations

Lions in the Ngorongoro Crater

Custom Trip Review
With Our Team

We Get to Know You:
There is no “best” safari! We learn your preferences and what you want to prioritize

Book Your Trip
(With Our Help)

We Customize and Iterate:
Your safari planner customizes an itinerary then fine-tunes it with further input
Experience on safari

Go On Your Adventure of a Lifetime!

We Prepare You for the Journey:
Once confirmed, we provide a preparation packet to keep you excited and prepared!

Our Team

With an international team that works and lives in the USA, Kenya, Tanzania, and Botswana, our relationships spanning two continents make The Wild Source uniquely positioned to design and deliver the safari of your dreams.

We provide the convenience of a fully staffed safari planning and operations office in Colorado, but the quality assurance of our own elite guides, safari vehicles, and operations teams on the ground in Africa.  Learn more about our team by clicking here.

Featured Destinations



Home of the world-famous Serengeti National Park and the Great Migration.



The original safari country, with some of Africa’s best wildlife in the Masai Mara.



Untamed, remote wilderness and the unique wonders of the Okavango Delta. 

Featured Itineraries

Epic Mara: Big Cats in Focus

This safari is designed with serious photographers and/or wildlife aficionados in mind. We combine all the essential elements for remarkable wildlife viewing and photographic opportunities. The location is the renowned Masai Mara, unsurpassed for prolific wildlife viewing. The guiding is on the legendary level, utilizing one of our 3 Kenyan guide team who are recognized among the most accomplished in Africa.

Rwanda 4-Day Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda can be added on to any other safari.

Primates of Uganda

Experience up-close viewing of chimpanzees and mountain gorillas.

Quintessential Tanzania: River Crossing Season

With the Great Migration of nearly 2 million animals in the area, the Northern Serengeti is the stage for one of nature's most famed events - the dramatic migration crossings of the Mara River.

Botswana Desert and Delta Safari: Outstanding Value, Top Wildlife and Diverse Landscapes

This safari is customized to take advantage of the best opportunities for the green season in Botswana to observe diverse wildlife.

Ultimate East Africa: Exceptional Guiding in Northern Tanzania and the Masai Mara

This incredible itinerary features East Africa's top guides on a private safari through Tanzania and Kenya.

The Latest from Our Africa Safari Blog

Congo Discovery Safari with Paul Kirui – Group Trip 2024

Join the legendary Paul Kirui to experience one of Africa's least-explored wilderness areas and the world's second-largest rainforest, the 4-million sq km Congo Basin, on a journey that supports low-impact tourism and conservation of one of the planet's essential and irreplaceable ecosystems.

Trip Report: Tanzania River Crossing Safari, August 2022

A Tanzania trip report from Dave and Meg , travelers with The Wild Source in August 2022.

Zimbabwe Rhino Conservation Safari

Explore the best of Hwange National Park and visit / support Imvelo Safaris' groundbreaking Community Rhino Conservation Initiative.

Trip Report: Epic Kenya – July 2022

A detailed trip report from travelers to Kenya in July 2022.

Featured Group Trip

Realm of the Jaguar with Ocelot Research – Brazil’s Pantanal – 2023 Group Trip

Aug 25 – Sep 06, 2023

The Pantanal, the largest continuous wetland on the planet, was declared a World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and is South America’s primary wildlife sanctuary. With a total area of approximately 150,000 km² and located in the center of the continent, the Pantanal is a biogeographic mixing bowl containing elements of the Amazon Forest, the Caatinga, the Brazilian Savannah, the Atlantic Rainforest and the Paraguayan Chaco. It was formed between 2 and 5 million years ago as a large sedimentary basin and is now an isolated flatland surrounded by several mountainous areas.

 Biodiversity in the Pantanal includes 656 birds species, 135 mammals, 260 fish species and 50 reptiles. There are excellent populations of caiman, capybara, jaguar, armadillo, giant otters, coati, giant anteater and much more.

This expedition features a unique opportunity to engage with an Ocelot research team (The Wild Source pioneered this in 2018), providing an outstanding chance to observe South America’s next largest spotted cat. The ocelot researcher will lead a number of activities, including game drives in an area where ocelots are frequently observed hunting along irrigation ditches and possibly we will be able to attempt to capture/research collar an ocelot.

This safari is led by The Wild Source’s Brooke Mitchell-Norman along with our in-country Brazilian guide experts. The combination of exploring The Pantanal’s waterways by private chartered boat, with a prime land-based area in the wild southern Pantanal delivers a remarkable wildlife experience.

Jaguars have become a magnet for tourism. They are certainly the focal point of this expedition but the thriving jaguar population is also an indicator of the health of this natural system. Many of these species are charismatic, colorful, and/or simply fascinating. There is no doubt this is one of the world’s premier wildlife-watching destinations.

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Read about The Wild Source's involvement with change-making outposts across the continent that are pioneering a new generation of local ownership in the safari industry.


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