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Rwanda 4-Day Gorilla Trekking


From $5,300 per person 

Trip Dates:

Year round

Trip Length:

3 nights / 4 Days

Sabyinyo gorilla family in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Trip Details:

This extension features one of the classic East Africa safari experiences – gorilla trekking in Rwanda – and can be added on to any other safari. You’ll experience up-close viewing of the mountain gorillas in the Rwandan jungle, with two treks to give you ample time to view the fascinating behavior of animals.

Gorilla trekking is considered by many to be the most intimate and exciting wildlife experience on the planet. To witness these social giants go about their lives at close distance on foot is certainly a thrilling encounter that penetrates deep into your soul. It is rare to have intimate wildlife experiences while on foot, and it is heightened by the fact that we share about 97 to 98% of the same DNA with this magnificent creature, making this a chance to commune with a close relative.

There are 10 groups of habituated gorillas in Rwanda and when you meet at 7 a.m. with park rangers you will be assigned to visit one of these gorilla family groups. Only 8 tourists visit each group in a day ensuring it will be an intimate experience. Trekking can be a challenge on the steep hills of the rainforest but well worth the effort once you reach the gorillas and spend an hour with them. In fact, it is so moving that you will gladly make the trek a second time the following day.

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This 3-night extension to experience up-close viewing of Rwanda’s mountain gorillas can be added to any safari:


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