Fraud Blocker Africa Safari Wildlife Guide

Africa Safari Wildlife Guide

Your Guide to the Safari Species

The vast diversity of wildlife that can be observed on an African safari is what makes the experience so astounding! Many people dream of seeing certain animals, and we work to plan your safari to provide you with the best opportunities to have a sighting of those dream species. Many travelers are surprised to discover that the introduction to a new animal might result in one of the most memorable moments of their journey.
Because the best safari areas are open wildlands with free-ranging animals, there can never be any guarantees. However, by picking places that historically have the best viewing of a species, and by selecting the appropriate time of year, the scales can be tipped in your favor. Listed below are many of the well-known mammals that people hope to see.
Our focus is to provide wild experiences, but for some species there are excellent opportunities for intimate encounters with captive animals in programs related to important conservation initiatives that can augment your wild safari experiences. Please note such activities should be selected very carefully as there are unfortunately many instances where we believe the use of captive animals is misguided and/or unethical. We only recommend such activities when there is a clear, necessary conservation program being conducted.

Safari Animals


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