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Quintessential Tanzania: River Crossing Season


From $7,250 per person (with 4 travelers) or $8,250 per person (with 2 travelers)

Trip Dates:

July – October

Trip Length:

10 Days

Young spotted hyena

Trip Details:

The Great Migraton of nearly 2 million animals typically arrives in early July and remains in the area through October. With the migration in, the Northern Serengeti is the stage for one of nature’s most famed events – the dramatic migration crossings of the Mara River. Researchers have determined that at least 50% of the herds never depart the Serengeti into Kenya, and river crossings occur almost daily. We often see herds stretching to the horizon. This is far more to the wildlife than the migration though.

The permanent waters make this a year round location for hippo, large crocodiles and herds of elephants. The area maintains large prides of lions, cheetah thrive in the open plains of the Lamai Wedge, while the domain of the leopards is the rock kopje areas. When the migration is gone there is a population of 10,000 topi, big herds of eland and buffalo. We actually love the Northern Serengeti in the non-migration season as January through March it is a great secret, full of wildlife with almost no tourists making it a very exclusive Serengeti experience.

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We love to share our passion for the wildlife with our guests and take pride in our ability to locate the Great Migration, big cats and so much more. Once located we like to spend quality time to patiently observe wildlife so that you can see the unique behaviors that make the natural world so fascinating.


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