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Hidden Zambia: The Unspoilt Treasures of Lower Zambezi and Liuwa Plains

Zambia trip summary including Lower Zambezi National Park and Liuwa Plains

Immersive Wildlife Experiences and Expert Guiding: Epic Cats Group Trip 2019

In March 2019, TWS staff member Emily Smith joined the Epic Cats and the Great Migration Calving Season group trip for an immersive 10-day safari focused on sightings of big cats and the Great Migration herd. With no more than four people per vehicle and expert guiding by The Wild Source’s team of elite guides […]


In Celebration of World Chimpanzee Day It’s July 14th, which makes today the first annual World Chimpanzee Day and the anniversary of the day Dr. Jane Goodall first stepped foot into Gombe Stream National Park. On this day in 1960, she became the first person ever to study wild chimpanzees. Today, we celebrate that legacy […]

Cheetah on the Hunt

Guest, Ken Bouley, captured a lovely sequence of a cheetah hunt during his safari in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area that really showcases the magic of the Great Migration calving season. TWS guide, George Mbwambo, masterfully positioned the vehicle for best photography and Ken did not waste the moment, capturing the seconds when a male cheetah […]

Njozi Camp Big Cats Report: Big Marsh Lion Update

Update provided by Guide and Wildlife Biologist, Fadhil, following a stay at Njozi Camp during the Great Migration Calving Season December 2017 – March 2018. Njozi Camp specializes in big cats safaris, sharing in-depth knowledge and observation of the region’s big cats with safari enthusiasts and first time travelers alike. As predicted in our full report on the […]

Njozi Camp Big Cats Report: Big Marsh Lion Takeover

Report provided by Njozi Camp’s on-site wildlife biologist, David, during the Great Migration Calving Season December 2017 – March 2018. Njozi Camp specializes in big cats safaris, sharing in-depth knowledge and observation of the region’s big cats with safari enthusiasts and first time travelers alike.  There are changes within the Big Marsh and Masek Pride. […]

Kingdom of the Tiger: India Wildlife Safari

An India Wildlife Safari Group Trip Reveals the Careful Planning of Responsible Tourism and Future Global Challenges of Conservation. It is no surprise that when renowned photojournalist, Steve McCurry was tasked with filming the final roll of Kodachrome, he chose to return to India. India is to travel what Kodachrome is to photography—ultra-sensory, resonant, and […]

The First Gorilla Trek

The First Gorilla Trek Hiking up the steep hill, I kept my head down as I placed one foot in front of the other. I recalled the sign in our lodge at Mahogany Springs that proclaims, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” However, as sweat ran down […]

5 Critical Factors for Tanzania Safari of a Lifetime

A USA – Tanzania Partnership Acclaimed Tanzanian guide Deo Magoye and lion researcher/wildlife biologist Bill Given are partners in The Wild Source Tanzania. We are a rare company to have our own Tanzania registered ground operation based in Arusha, but also provide the convenience of a USA based safari planning office.One of our clients said […]

Luxury in Ruaha – Jabali Ridge

Luxury in Ruaha – Jabali Ridge The debut of a new luxury camp in remote Southern Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park A new camp is coming to Ruaha National Park in September, 2017. Jabali Ridge will stand alone at a luxury level that, till now, didn’t exist within the 20,226 km2 sq park–an area the size […]

Secrets of the Botswana Green Season

Advantages to Traveling in the Botswana Green Season Go Beyond the Price Break I’m sitting at a swanky cafe that actor Heath Ledger opened just before he succumbed to a deadly cocktail of prescription drugs. It’s a narrow brick building with French bistro tables and a long bar that serves the various needs of the […]

Kingdom of the Tiger: India Safaris

Within one of the greatest human densities on our planet lie sanctuaries for wildlife where the relics of Gondwanaland endure. Although separated by the Middle East, the Red and Arabian Seas, and the Indian Ocean, there remains an incredible parallel between the wildlife of the Indian Subcontinent and Africa. Rhinoceros, elephant, wild dog, lion, leopard, […]

Shannon’s Notes from Tanzania

Meeting with Mariam and Eva I had the fantastic opportunity this past June to meet our team in Arusha, Tanzania: Deo and his son Fadhil, who not only guide the majority of our Tanzania clients but also run The Wild Source business on ground, along with Mariam and Eva who handle the office. I also […]

Botswana Safari – January 2013

Botswana Safari Trip Overview I have always been a big proponent for safaris during Botswana’s green season. I love the value; anywhere from 40 to 60% less than high season pricing. I also love that it is the growing season offering many a shade of lovely green. All the grazers are at their best with […]

Leopard School at Mara Plains

The best moments on safari are when we can witness the natural behavior of the animals. Among the big cats leopards are unique for their trait of carrying their kills up into trees. This definitive behavior is a critical one as it provides the leopard with a chance to safely cache food and consume as […]

Kwando Lagoon Camp Leopard on the Hunt

In July at Kwando Lagoon Camp I had what was likely my most interesting leopard sighting ever. We found a young female leopard stalking through the grass and then exploding up into a tree. She was very intent on hunting birds and often made big leaps between trunks and major branches. The leopard would then […]

An Update From Bill in Kenya

Bill’s Message Today at the invitation of the Kenya Wildlife Service I gave a presentation on conditioned taste aversion (CTA) to the KWS top level scientists including the KWS Director, Julius Kipng’etich and many senior scientists that serve as department directors. I was very impressed with the discussions we had and the overall interest in […]


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