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Luxury in Ruaha – Jabali Ridge

Luxury in Ruaha - Jabali Ridge

The debut of a new luxury camp in remote Southern Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park A new camp is coming to Ruaha National Park in September, 2017. Jabali Ridge will stand alone at a luxury level that, till now, didn’t exist within the 20,226 km2 sq park–an area the size of New Jersey. Near its sister camp, Kwihala Camp, Jabali Ridge sits in arguably the most productive area for wildlife viewing near the Mwagusi River. Utilizing the same architect who designed Asilia’s Highlands Camp, Caine Willians Wynn has artfully created Jabali Ridge to blend with nature, optimize on the stunning views over the Mwagusi River, yet stand on its own as a stunning, sophisticated structure.
Guests of Jabali will have the opportunity to relax in the infinity pool or enjoy spa treatments as well as embark on full-on wildlife experiences with senior guides including game drives, walking safaris, and night drives. With only 10 suites nestled amongst the prehistoric boulders, the camp will offer an intimate setting to enjoy the beauty of Ruaha. The camp will be a very special option for discerning travelers and romantics looking to get off the beaten path.

The Beauty of Ruaha

With 10% of the world’s lion population in Ruaha National Park, a safari here offers excellent opportunities to view lions hunting buffalo and giraffe. The park also features the unique species such as wild dog, sable antelope, roan antelope, Liechtenstein’s hartebeest, and both Lesser and Greater kudu, making it an outsanding safari in combination with the Serengeti or Mara or as a combination with other Southern Tanzania parks–our favorites being Katavi and Mahale.
The park sits in a transition zone between the miombo woodland of the Zambezian ecosystem and the savannah landscapes of the Sudanian (eastern) ecosystem, resulting in a plethora of biodiversity that showcases over 1600 plants and 574 bird species.
The best part is that Ruaha receives a tiny fraction of the traffic that the Serengeti and Mara get, so this is a fantastic option for well-traveled wildlife enthusiasts who seek out solitude and tranquility as much as epic wildlife.


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