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Conditioned Taste Aversion Update

Applying my Research to Restore Mighty Predators Africa or America, it’s the same story worldwide. People own livestock, predators eat livestock, people destroy predators. My research attempts to break this universal truth by removing a key factor from the equation. Through Conditioned Taste Aversion (CTA) we can tap in to an evolutionary defense mechanism and […]

Planning a Quality East African Safari

Photo of Hyenas during a night drive on the Big Cat Safari In my early safari days, Kenya and the Masai Mara was not appealing as I’d heard stories and seen photos of huge numbers of vehicles at a sighting, to the point where it prevented the behavior of the animals. I subsequently have learned […]

Big Cats and the Migration Safari a Huge Success

Observing a lioness hunt successfully in the mid-afternoon was one of many behavioral highlights on my Big Cat Safari. I have recently returned from the best big cat game viewing safari (view .pdf) that I have ever had! It came at the perfect time as I had promoted this itinerary for its potential to observe […]

Sosian Ranch African Wild Dogs

African wild dogs on Sosian Ranch in pursuit of a scrub hare. Photo courtesy, ©Marc Mol, a client of The Wild Source Observing African Wild Dogs in Kenya In recent years those wanting to see African wild dogs were smart to head to Botswana, as it has been the most reliable location. In fact, this […]

Mapula Lions Starting to Hunt Elephants?

One of the three impressive Mapula Boys photographed in September by a client of The Wild Source. Courtesy and © BF. Mapula Lions as Elephant Hunters We frequently plan safaris to Botswana for our clients, and the interaction between Elephants and Lions can fascinating there. It appears that the Mapula lion pride has learned to […]

Svalbard Polar Bear Safari

A polar bear jumps from ice flow to ice flow as it searches for seals to hunt. ©Bill Given I am writing this from virtually as far north on the planet as one can go with the exception of using a nuclear ice breaker. I am on Lindblad’s National Geographic Explorer and we have smashed […]

My American Safari Cruises Highlights

Humpback whale lunge feeding Last week I was in Alaska, the first stop on a quest to find some Out of Africa exceptional wildlife viewing opportunities that would be of interest to my African safari clients. All of the principles of The Wild Source still apply and my search is for magnificent wildlife and wilderness […]

Lions Hunting Video

Lions on the Hunt: A Thrilling Safari Experience from Chindeni Camp In Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park A lioness begins the hunt in South Luangwa. Observing social animals like lions hunt is fascinating and in darkness you have to depend on all your senses to capture the experience. © Bill Given In October while on […]

Predator Conservation Work at Grassland Bushman Lodge

Encounter with an African Wild Dog at Grassland Bushman Lodge Unique Predator Encounters Available at Grassland Bushman Lodge Grassland Bushman Lodge (also known as Grasslands Safaris) provides a unique opportunity for visitors to learn about predator/livestock conflict in a very dramatic way – up close and personal. An Eye to Eye Look at an African […]

Kuria People of the Serengeti

Meet the Kuria Tribe of Tanzania When I guide groups I strive to find a unique cultural opportunity, somewhere to experience local life that is lightly touristed, if at all. From Lemala Camp in the Northern Serengeti I was able to arrange a visit to the boma of one of the staff members, a behind […]

Zebra Birth and High Drama at Mapula Lodge

On September 15th, 2009 a new zebra entered the world and amazingly clients of The Wild Source, Marc and Rossana from Australia were there to observe this incredible event. That was very fortunate as Marc is an incredible photographer and has been generous enough to share this amazing series of photos!As you will see, the […]

Family Safaris: A special Father-Daughter Trip

Mona and Mark ready to board a plane to start their safari in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania There is no doubt the best part of my job is when clients return and share the soul stirring moments that a safari inevitably produces. Fortunately, one thing that is becoming common is family safaris, whether it is […]

Tanzania Safari Ground Operations Established!

There is a new sight in the Serengeti and throughout Tanzania, game drive vehicles that proudly wear The Wild Source logo on their doors and inside contain exceptional local guides that are at the top of their craft. This is the result of a new partnership where The Wild Source is assisting two talented Tanzanian […]

Animal Tracking on Safari

One of my most exciting moments with wildlife came as I was snowshoeing at a park near my home in Colorado. There was a fresh 24 inches of snow on the ground and halfway into my trek I found cougar (mountain lion) tracks and went to work cougar tracking. It’s trail undulated quite a bit […]

Step Out of the Car Please: Exploring the World Outside of Your Safari Vehicle

I have many people tell me they cannot do a safari because they do not want to spend their entire vacation driving in a vehicle. Of course virtually everyone returns from safari wishing they could have a few more game drives because each one really is different but I do believe diversity in all things […]

Walking and Canoeing Safari in the Niassa Reserve of Mozambique

I have made it a focus to identify the truly Wild Places that offer a quality safari, locations that feature vintage safari experiences that emphasize authentic wilderness. The Niassa National Reserve in Mozambique is one of the extraordinary new safari frontiers that have captivated my attention. Niassa is enormous at 42,000 square kilometers, more than […]

Safari After Dark: Night Game Drives

Night Safari Game Drive at Deception Valley Lodge – ©Deception Valley Lodge Night game drives are an essential activity to have a full safari experience. When the sun goes down an entire new set of animal species takes the stage and some of the most popular animals that may be seen by day dial up […]

Traditional Walking Safari in South Luangwa National Park with The Bushcamp Company

©Bushcamp Company – Zambia The Bushcamp Company uses the slogan: “From a Vehicle You See Africa. On Foot You Feel, Hear, and Smell Africa.” This week I was fortunate enough to sit down and talk with The Bushcamp Company owner Andy Hogg about this philosophy that we both share. A proper walking safari is the […]


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