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Kwando Lagoon Camp Leopard on the Hunt

In July at Kwando Lagoon Camp I had what was likely my most interesting leopard sighting ever. We found a young female leopard stalking through the grass and then exploding up into a tree. She was very intent on hunting birds and often made big leaps between trunks and major branches. The leopard would then probe far out on small limbs before descending quickly and jumping to try another part of the tree.
Once again the leopard began to hunt and entered some tall grass. As the light was getting low for my long lens I switched to video just in time to film her quickly pounce on a francolin and come trotting out with her hard won bird.
She then spent ten minutes plucking all the feathers from the francolin before finally enjoying her meal. Continuing to be a show cat completely relaxed in our presence the Lagoon leopard gave herself a bath and then slowly walked off leaving us beaming from the thrill of spending an hour with an active leopard.


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