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Kuria People of the Serengeti

Meet the Kuria Tribe of Tanzania

When I guide groups I strive to find a unique cultural opportunity, somewhere to experience local life that is lightly touristed, if at all. From Lemala Camp in the Northern Serengeti I was able to arrange a visit to the boma of one of the staff members, a behind the scenes worker named Cha Cha. His people are the Kuria Tribe that once occupied the northern reaches of the Serengeti but when there was a disease outbreak impacting their cattle they moved outside of the park where they still graze cattle but also grow crops.

An excited boy shows off for his unusual visitors. Photo © Bill Given

Kuria Tribe Bomas

We were excitedly received in the Kuria Tribe family boma, this was not a typical activity for them and not part of any kind of regular tourism program – we simply had a special visit to see how some of these local people live.
Photo of a Boma within the Kuria Tribe Village Photo © Bill Given
The boma consisted of a fenced circular area and contained one mud and thatch hut for each of the ‘fathers’ wives and their children. This particular boma was for a man with eight wives so there were eight little huts for habitation. Inside of the boma was another circular fenced area for livestock and chickens during the night, all range free during the day.

Kuria Culture: Music

Music is important part of the Kuria Culture. Photo © Bill Given
A traditional lyre type of instrument known as an iritungu was brought out and lots of dancing followed. This is typical of any big life events in Kuria culture, such as weddings where music and dance play big roles.

Dancing and Celebration with the Kuria People

Cha Cha teaches me some traditional dance moves. Photo © Bill Given, Clients of TWS
This visit was definitely a highlight for everyone in our group. Getting to meet local people and see how they live, rather than just having a tourist show is an important part of the travel experience and a real privilege when you are hosted by such wonderful people.


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