Fraud Blocker Njozi Camp Big Cats Report - Big Marsh Lion Pride Update

Njozi Camp Big Cats Report: Big Marsh Lion Update

Update provided by Guide and Wildlife Biologist, Fadhil, following a stay at Njozi Camp during the Great Migration Calving Season December 2017 – March 2018. Njozi Camp specializes in big cats safaris, sharing in-depth knowledge and observation of the region’s big cats with safari enthusiasts and first time travelers alike. 
As predicted in our full report on the lion takeover happening in Ndutu, we continue to witness the new male lions, a coalition of four young males, mating with females from the Masek Pride.

The bond is strong with this new coalition and the potential for these four boys to mature and dominate the area for a couple years to come is

Meanwhile the Marsh Pride females are looking very fit as we have entered the time of plenty with the migration calving season in the area.

For safari enthusiasts looking for an in-depth wildlife experience or a focus on big cat safari, the Tanzania calving season offers some of the best chances to view cheetah hunting and herds of wildebeest stretching from horizon to horizon. To learn how this experience can be combined into a greater itinerary, please review our sample itineraries or feel free to contact us to speak with a safari planner.


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