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5 Critical Factors for Tanzania Safari of a Lifetime

A USA – Tanzania Partnership

Acclaimed Tanzanian guide Deo Magoye and lion researcher/wildlife biologist Bill Given are partners in The Wild Source Tanzania. We are a rare company to have our own Tanzania registered ground operation based in Arusha, but also provide the convenience of a USA based safari planning office.
One of our clients said it best when he said “The Wild Source is a niche provider for those that want a deeper wildlife experience in a market dominated by mainstream providers.” We love to share our passion for the wildlife with our guests and take pride in our ability to locate the great migration, big cats and the full diversity of species. Once located we like to spend quality time to patiently observe wildlife so that you can see the unique behaviors that make the natural world so fascinating.

1) Know Who Your Guide Will Be!

Guiding is the most important factor in your safari experience. The managing partners started their safari careers guiding and continue to guide. Guiding is what we love and we know it is the most important factor to delivering a superior safari. We have built an incredibly gifted team that we keep small to ensure we only have exceptional guides.
Despite how incredibly important this role is very few safari goers have any idea who their guide will be until they arrive in Tanzania. In every proposed Northern Tanzania itinerary we tell you who your guide will be and include the guides biography. Guiding is our emphasis and a major differentiating factor for The Wild Source.

2) Wildlife Biologist Planned

Featuring the great migration of approximately 2 million animals, the Serengeti is a dynamic place where it is critical to consider the time of year when selecting locations for your itinerary.
Our wildlife biologists, headed by an African lion researcher, have studied the movements and behaviors of all the key species and can develop itineraries tailored specifically for your time of travel and the species you most want to see.

3) Unlimited Private Game Drives

Your party will have your own private guide and vehicle to ensure that you have full flexibility and control over your safari. We have no limits on miles or time out game driving, the guide will meet whatever schedule you want. This is a huge quality factor as the majority of operations have strict mileage limits on their guides.
This really works to our advantage as most vehicles are confined within a small radius of major areas leaving lots of wilderness for us to explore to find our own sightings far away from the crowded locations. The Wild Source is known for our ‘hard core’ game viewing as we love to stay out all day with our guests when they want to – ultimately it is up to you each day to decide what you want!

4) Custom Designed Safari Vehicles

We feature a fleet of custom designed Toyota Land Cruisers. Through our years of experience in the region we have developed a design that we think best maximizes game viewing, photography and comfort with protection from the elements. We like the intimate connection that comes with an open sided viewing experience, but we also like the classic experience of feeling the breeze as you stand and view out of the top of the vehicle.
Strong sun, occasional rain, and dusty drives between parks are the comfort challenges. Our solution is to use closed vehicles with the classic pop-top roofs to protect from sun and rain, but with a special twist. We have large rear viewing windows that we can completely remove creating a very open sided feel for game viewing. For your convenience each vehicle has an inverter system for charging your electronics, two pairs of 8 x 42 binoculars and field guides to birds and mammals.

5) Camps with Wildlife Biologists on Staff

We have the only safari camps with wildlife biologists on staff. In the Serengeti we operate our Wild Source Research Camps that move seasonally to be ideally placed for the great migration. We are building critical local capacity in the conservation biologist field by hiring local entry level wildlife biologists to conduct big cat research from our camps. The researcher’s knowledge of the individual cats definitely adds interest for our guests staying at the Wild Source Research Camps and often a biologist can join you for a game drive if you like.


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