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The Wildlife Biologist Advantage: Putting the Safari Focus Back on Wildlife

We believe most safari travelers want a trip focused on wildlife, yet there is a disturbing trend of promoting extravagant accommodation and pre-packaged itineraries based on the lodging instead of examining the best opportunities for wildlife viewing and considering seasonal changes. Virtually all safari lodges and camps tout their game viewing quality making it difficult for the consumer to know if a species is seen once a month, everyday, or at only certain times of the year. Clearly it is easier to focus on chocolate covered strawberries and the finest duvets than to understand the habitat needs and seasonal fluctuations of a diverse array of species, thus the accommodation first approach to safari planning has become common. Our approach is to first determine what the client most wants to see and experience, then our wildlife biologist will recommend the ideal locations and seasonal timing to give you the best odds possible. With the right place and right time determined, we can then choose the right accommodation for your desires!

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Current Safari Itineraries

A listing of our expert guided groups and sample itineraries for independent travelers that have been featured in our newsletter.


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Finding Animals on Safari

We breakdown some of the best safari locations to view the most sought after wildlife species.

Safari Planning

Custom Designed Safaris

We share our planning philosophies and provide an education on the many different types of activities, accommodation and other important safari factors.

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Travel with the wildlife biologist as guide for your small group customized safari.



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Where to safari? We examine the safari character of each country.

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Best African Safari Events

Our wildlife biologist details some of the finest, most intimate African wildlife experiences


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New Safari Frontiers

We track down remote wilderness areas where camps and people are a rarity. These fit experienced safari goers looking for places that have not been completely discovered yet.



Authentic Cultural Experiences

We strive to find quality cultural experiences where local people want to share with tourists.

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The Wild Source Difference

Let us introduce you to The Wild Source and explain what makes us different. You can also read what our clients have to say about us too.