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Wildebeest Calving and Cheetah Conservation Safari


From $7,150 per person 

Trip Dates:

December – April

Trip Length:

10 Days

A newborn wildebeest during Calving Season

Trip Details:

This safari is about observing incredible wildlife and having the classic East Africa experience – but it’s about so much more than that. True to our biologist background, on this safari you will have an active role in cheetah conservation as you help record data with an interactive tablet app and share your findings with local wildlife biologists. Cheetah are listed as a “Vulnerable” endangered species, with declining populations. Responsible wildlife tourism is one of the most effective ways to fund the cheetah research that is necessary for protecting this highly endangered species. Pair this mission with private guiding by our elite Tanzania guides and you have a uniquely personal and research-focused safari, even if you’ve been to Tanzania before.

Your safari begins with a day in the wondrous Ngorongoro Crater, followed by four days in the Ndutu / Southern Serengeti region, world-renowned for its incredible cheetah populations — and home of incredible predator/prey interaction as the Great Migration is in the area, which draws cheetah and other big cats to the stage for hunting. With the special opportunity to stay at Njozi, Tanzania’s only camp that employs local wildlife biologists, you’ll help record observational data on the Ndutu cheetah that supports The Wild Source’s big cat research project as well as the Serengeti Cheetah Project, which monitors the cheetah populations of the Serengeti. The finale of your trip is three days in the Eastern Serengeti, seeking out cheetah on the Namiri Plains and in the Gol Kopjes. These areas are known for their big cat populations, with cheetah, lion, serval and caracal.

The Wild Source Tanzania has earned a reputation for producing exceptional results for both quantity and quality of wildlife viewing – with special abilities for observing big cats and the great migration. We have developed an extraordinary formula that is unsurpassed. Key ingredients are remarkable guides, enhanced designs on vehicles, passion, energy, care, wildlife biologists, emphasis on locations for the season, and flexibility.

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This safari offers a deeper wildlife experience, as you share in the passion and knowledge of our elite guides and wildlife biologists. 


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