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Why You Should Book With A Travel Specialist in the Covid Era

Now More Than Ever, The Benefits of Booking With a Tour Operator

By Emily Hancock, Safari Specialist for The Wild Source

If the past year has taught many lessons to many travelers, our hope is that our current travelers have experienced the benefits of booking a safari itinerary through an Africa specialist tour operator.  

With all the uncertainty and constant change of travel in the Covid-19 pandemic era, perhaps you have noticed the necessity of working with a travel company that provides specialist expertise and personalized support.  Here are a few reasons to keep in mind as you consider booking with an Africa specialist like The Wild Source for your next trip.

Attention to Detail and Expert-Level Planning

Planning any type of vacation is an undertaking, and the remote locations and often complex logistics of planning a safari can be overwhelming. Our safari planning team has  the on-ground relationships, long-rooted expertise, and firsthand experience to customize the detailed, all-inclusive safari of your dreams. Plus, you get to work hand in hand and communicate directly with your dedicated planner throughout the process, who will provide you with a plan that gives you the best chances to meet all your trip goals and wildlife interests.

What do you dream of when you think of the ultimate safari experience? Our planning team can help you make this safari dream a reality.

Top Echelon of Support from Trip Preparation to Unexpected Changes

From the time you book your safari with detailed prep information to receiving your travel brief and setting foot in Africa, throughout your journey until you return home to share your photos and feedback, you will have our dedicated, expert operations team as your ultimate safari support system.

Now more than ever, travel requirements, flights and more can change on a dime. Our level of support for your trip can mean the difference between very little (or no) disruption to your planned safari experience, compared to the stress or disastrous outcome of missing any precious safari time. 

Navigating the Confusion of Covid Travel Requirements

We have always provided the highest level of client care to our travelers, but now we are here to help you navigate the nuances of pandemic-era travel.  From country entry requirements to testing options during your trip, navigating and staying current on ever-dynamic travel regulations can be incredibly overwhelming.  Our team will work in tandem with you to stay on top of requirements for your itinerary. By booking with a specialist tour operator, you can feel confident that your trip is designed based on the requirements and logistics that will optimize a smooth travel experience.  

Your only job on safari?  Relax (and enjoy those famous African sunsets).

Need to Postpone? Let Us Handle the Hassle.

Despite best laid plans, the nature of travel in a pandemic means being able to nimbly change plans when travel just isn’t possible or plausible, without sacrificing the bucket list safari you’ve dreamed of.

We are here to handle the nitty gritty details involved with postponing each piece of your trip, from bush flights and road transfers to your safari camps and guides.  Working with multiple vendors in your destination country (or countries) in a different time zone is a time consuming and detailed effort, and one that you can only avoid by booking through a tour operator that will handle all of the hassle for you.

Special Deals and Exclusive, Uncrowded Safaris

Our planning team is “in the know” when it comes to savings and staying abreast on the best deals available right now.  Many camps are offering great discounted rates while traveler numbers are low, and special deals that will only be valid the first part of this year.  Let us sort through the best options and maximize our long-standing relationships with the camps on your behalf to prepare the best package for you. 

With less travelers right now, there are unprecedented safari experiences available, such as the Great Migration Calving Season in Tanzania which runs through end of March and is typically one of two peak travel seasons in the country but will be very exclusive in 2021 with fewer vehicles traversing the same massive wilderness areas full of literally thousands of animals. 

Traverse the open plains of the southern Serengeti among thousands of animals and few other vehicles.

Travel is an Essential Human Activity

The best reason to plan a trip right now? Give yourself something to look forward to! In addition to supporting wildlife conservation and local empowerment through much-needed responsible tourism in safari countries right now, you’ll also increase your own happiness quotient and fulfill an essential human need by booking upcoming travel (according to this article from National Geographic).

Safari  travel: Good for the soul.


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