Fraud Blocker The Different Types of Safaris Explained in Depth

Types of Safaris

What Types of Safaris are There?

A huge number of different types of safaris have developed at this point. In general the best way to simplify is that all safaris can be categorized according to four criteria:

1) Type of Accommodation – i.e. tented, lodge, mobile camping, self-camping, etc.
2) Mode of Transportation – i.e. fly-in, private guided land rover, mini-van, self-drive, walking, etc.
3) Focus of Safari – game drives, canoe/mokoro, walking, one of many specialties (birding, gorilla trek, professional photographer lead, etc)

4) Social Dynamic – private, group trip, paired with others at camp, etc

Of course many safari itineraries are a blend of these criteria using more than one type of accommodation and having different focuses throughout the itinerary and so on. I will expound on each criteria to provide a clear understanding of the major options to assist in selecting what best fits your needs.


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