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Top 5 Factors for a Successful Tanzania Safari

The Keys to an Amazing Tanzania Safari

Our Tanzania and US Based Team Share their Top 5 Secrets for Delivering
Safari Experiences that Keep Guests Coming Back for More

Acclaimed Tanzanian guide Deo Magoye and big cat researcher Bill Given are partners in The Wild Source Tanzania. 

We are a rare company to have our own Tanzanian registered ground operation based in Arusha, but also provide the convenience of a USA based safari planning office.

The Wild Source Partners: Bill Given and Deo Magoye

We love to share our passion for the wildlife with our guests and our pride in this is evident in our ability to: 

  • Locate and take you to the great migration
  • Put you directly in front of the big cats
  • Expose you to the full diversity of species

At each amazing viewing opportunity, we like to spend quality time to patiently observe wildlife so that you can see the unique behaviors that make the natural world so fascinating.

One of Our Travelers Said it Best:

“The Wild Source is a niche provider for those that want a deeper wildlife experience in a market dominated by mainstream providers.” 

Now – on to the top 5………

The Top 5 Factors for a
Successful Tanzania Safari

1) Know Who Your Guide Will Be!

Guiding is THE most important factor in your safari experience.

The managing partners started their safari careers guiding and continue to guide.  Guiding is what we love and we know it is the most important factor to delivering a superior safari.  

Despite how incredibly important this role is very few safari goers have any idea who their guide will be until they arrive in Tanzania. 

  • We Have Only Exceptional Guides – We have built an incredibly gifted team that we keep small to ensure you are guided by the best Tanzania has to offer
  • You Know Who Your Guide will be in Advance – For Northern Tanzania trips, you know in advance who your guide will be, and your guide’s bio is included within your itinerary
  • Guiding Is Our Emphasis – It is the key to a successful safari and a major differentiating quality factor for The Wild Source
Stellar Guiding is THE MOST important factor for a successful safari.
The Wild Source features highly trained guides backed by wildlife biologists

2) Wildlife Biologist Planned

Featuring the great migration of over 2 million animals, the Serengeti is a dynamic place where it is critical to consider the time of year when selecting locations for your itinerary.

Our wildlife biologists, headed by a big cat researcher, have studied the movements and behaviors of key species and can develop itineraries tailored specifically for your time of travel and the species you most want to see.

Winnie, David & Yusuf – Our Tanzania Wildlife Biologists

3) Unlimited Private Game Drives

Your party will have your own private guide and vehicle to ensure that you have full flexibility and control over your safari.  We have no limits on miles or time out game driving, the guide will meet whatever schedule you want. 

This is a huge quality factor as many operations have strict mileage limits on their guides (this is often not transparent and is a way of cutting costs).  Without limits our guides often recommend taking picnics so that you can explore away from higher density vehicle areas and maximize your game viewing opportunities.

Private game drives allow you to
see the wildlife that you want to see

4) The Big Cat Researcher Advantage

We operate the only safari camp with Tanzanian wildlife biologists on staff conducting big cat research. 

We are building local capacity in the conservation biologist field by employing entry level wildlife biologists to observe and record behavior of big cats in the Ndutu/Serengeti region. 

The researchers knowledge of the individual cats definitely adds interest for our guests at Njozi Camp.

Safari Guide Teaching Children
Our big cat research provides deep insights into the animals you'll see on your Tanzania Safari

5) Covid Safety Protocols

Safari is the ultimate for outdoor travel, making this a smart choice for International travelers.

In additional to plentiful space and fresh air there are Covid protocols in place for masks, distancing, and sanitizing.  

With our private vehicle experience you have the safety of being in the bush with only your own party and your guide.  

This is a true holiday where you can feel free and forget for hours at a time that Covid even exists.

COVID protocols are observed

What to Expect on Your Tanzania Safari With Us

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The Tanzania Safari of Your Dreams

For many, a safari is a once in a lifetime experience.  We understand how important it is to take the ideal safari you’re dreaming of right now and turn it into reality.

We’re able to deliver this dream to you – as we have to our thousands of satisfied guests – because years of experience have taught us what is most important to our safari-goers:

  • Unparalleled world-class guides whose experience includes guiding for National Geographic film crews
  • Wildlife Biologists who are experts on species – as well as many of the individual animals you’ll be viewing on your safari
  • Private game drives without restrictions
  • Big Cat Research – providing you with extensive knowledge from firsthand experience

To learn more about Tanzania Safaris with The Wild Source – fill out the form to the right – or call us – (720) 497-1250.

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