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Top 5 Factors for a Successful Botswana Safari

The 5 Keys to an Amazing Botswana Safari

Our Top 5 Secrets for Delivering Safari Experiences
that Keep Guests Coming Back for More

1) Exceptional Quality Year Round, Great Value 8 Months of the Year

If You Go During Peak Season (Jul-Oct), You'll Pay Quite a Bit More...

Botswana has earned a reputation as being the most expensive safari destination.  The country is famed for its low tourist density/high dollar approach and in peak season (July through October),  there is high demand for limited beds.  As a result, you’ll end up paying a premium for a Botswana Safari during peak months.

The Other 8 Months Offer You Incredible Value for the Same Basic Experience!

Fortunately, Botswana is magnificent to visit year round.  

During the 8 months of the year considered “off peak”, you can enjoy some of the lowest cost/highest quality safaris in all of Africa.  

Typical Savings vs Peak Season:

You Get Huge Savings Without Compromising:

"Off Season" game viewing in Botswana is just as
electric and intimate as "Peak Season"

With our expert planners selecting the right locations for each season, the wildlife viewing is outstanding at any time.  

There are some seasonal differences for certain species, and we can explain those details and be sure to plan for your interests.

2) Botswana’s Guides & Dedicated Trackers Maximize Game Viewing

Guiding is The Most Important Factor in Your Safari Experience.

The managing partners of The Wild Source started their safari careers guiding and continue to guide.  Guiding is what we love, and we know it is the most important factor to delivering a superior safari.  We have built an incredibly gifted team that we keep small to ensure we only have exceptional guides.

Dedicated Trackers

Dedicated trackers make a world of difference when it comes to finding wildlife on a Botswana safari.  Only a few safari camps utilize trackers and we highly recommend that experience.

Botswana lends itself well to tracking – most of Botswana is Kalahari sand which provides an excellent medium for preserving animal tracks.  A tracker can sit in a special seat over the front of the vehicle to watch for fresh spoor (tracks). 

Once tracks are found guests can see the ancient skills used to locate elusive predators.  In vast wilderness that is not all open terrain tracking greatly increases the chance of finding lion, leopard, cheetah, and African wild dogs.

Safari guides tracking a lion in Botswana

3) Wildlife Doesn’t Care What You Paid.
Sometimes More Expensive Lodging Has Less Game Viewing

This idea is counterintuitive as we all are familiar with the saying “you get what you pay for”.  That may be true in Botswana when it comes to opulent luxury as the more you pay the larger and more luxurious the tent becomes. However, it often works in reverse for wildlife viewing. 

It is typical when the camp is on the upper end of the price range that the extravagance of the accommodation is the focus and as a result, they feel obligated to keep you in camp more (and thus out in the bush viewing wildlife less!).  

At the most expensive camps it is common that game drives start later, and sometimes end earlier too in an effort to maximize your time at the accommodation instead of out on safari.

Leopards don't care how much you're spending on lodging

4) Botswana Has Exclusive Wilderness!

Botswana has private wilderness areas that ensure that you can avoid crowds and have freedom from rules that are needed in more highly visited parks.  

Botswana has a system of private concessions where tens of thousands of acres are limited to the use of just one to four camps (depending on the area).  This ensures that you can explore to find your own wildlife sightings (see number 2 above on this page – use of a tracker helps). Due to the low tourist density guides are able to drive off road, conduct night game drives, and in many areas there is walking, mokoro (traditional canoe) and boating.

Private concessions give you the opportunity to see amazing wildlife in a more natural, crowd-free environment

5) Covid Safety Protocols

Safari is the ultimate experience when it comes to outdoor travel, making this a smart choice for international travelers.  In additional to plentiful space and fresh air there are Covid protocols in place for masks, distancing, and sanitizing.  This is a true holiday where you can feel free and forget for hours at a time that Covid even exists.

COVID protocols are observed

What to Expect on Your Botswana Safari With Us

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The Botswana Safari of Your Dreams

For many, a safari is a once in a lifetime experience.  We understand how important it is to take the ideal safari you’re dreaming of right now and turn it into reality.

We’re able to deliver this dream to you – as we have to our thousands of satisfied guests – because years of experience have taught us what is most important to our safari-goers.

To learn more about Botswana Safaris with The Wild Source – fill out the form to the right – or call us – (720) 497-1250.

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