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Realm of the Jaguar with Ocelot Research – Brazil’s Pantanal – 2024 Group Trip


$ 9,950 per person sharing

(Single Supplement is $1,500 subject to availability)

Trip Dates:

 August 23 – September 4, 2024

Trip Length:

13 Days / 12 nights


Trip Details:

The Pantanal, the largest continuous wetland on the planet, was declared a World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and is South America’s primary wildlife sanctuary.

With a total area of approximately 150,000 km² and located in the center of the continent, the Pantanal is a biogeographic mixing bowl containing elements of the Amazon Forest, the Caatinga, the Brazilian Savannah, the Atlantic Rainforest and the Paraguayan Chaco. It was formed between 2 and 5 million years ago as a large sedimentary basin and is now an isolated flatland surrounded by several mountainous areas.

TBiodiversity in the Pantanal includes 656 birds species, 135 mammals, 260 fish species and 50 reptiles. There are excellent populations of caiman, capybara, jaguar, armadillo, giant otters, coati, giant anteater and much more.

Ocelot Research Team

This expedition features a unique opportunity to engage with an Ocelot research team (The Wild Source pioneered this in 2018), providing an outstanding chance to observe South America’s next largest spotted cat. The ocelot researcher will lead a number of activities, including game drives in an area where ocelots are frequently observed hunting along irrigation ditches and we plan to attempt to capture/research collar an ocelot under an effort funded by The Wild Source Foundation.

This safari is led by The Wild Source’s Brooke Mitchell, along with our in-country Brazilian guide experts. The combination of exploring The Pantanal’s waterways by private chartered boat, with a prime land-based area in the wild southern Pantanal delivers a remarkable wildlife experience.

Jaguars have become a magnet for tourism. They are certainly the focal point of this expedition but the thriving jaguar population is also an indicator of the health of this natural system. Many of these species are charismatic, colorful, and/or simply fascinating. There is no doubt this is one of the world’s premier wildlife-watching destinations.

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This safari features a number of exceptional factors to ensure the highest quality wildlife viewing experience:


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