Realm of the Jaguar – Brazil’s Pantanal – Group Trip 2021


$ 8,750 per person sharing

Trip Dates:

Aug 22, 2021 – Sep 1, 2021

Trip Length:

11 Days


Trip Details:

Trip Full – With a maximum group size of 8 guests, the 2021 group departure is full.

Brazil’s Pantanal has an unrivaled claim as South America’s top wildlife viewing region.  In fact, many say it’s the top wildlife area outside of Africa.  Pantanal is the world’s largest wetland, a staggering ten times the size of the Everglades and fifteen times the size of the famed Okavango Delta.  Like Botswana’s Okavango there is a fantastic variety of habitats including wetlands, savanna, riverine gallery forests, and cerrado (forested savanna).  A number of rivers form the lifeblood of the Pantanal, and these have become reliable areas for sighting jaguars.  During our time of travel there is an astounding 95% daily success rate along the rivers for observing the world’s third largest cat.
This expedition features a unique opportunity to engage with an Ocelot research team (The Wild Source pioneered this in 2018), providing an outstanding chance to observe South America’s next largest spotted cat.  The ocelot researcher will lead a number of activities, including radio-tracking individual ocelots in his study and conducting game drives in an area where ocelot are frequently observed hunting along irrigation ditches.  This safari is led by big cat researcher, Bill Given, and this combination of exploring The Pantanal’s waterways by private chartered boat, with a prime land based area in the wild southern Pantanal delivers a remarkable wildlife experience  (especially for cat fanatics).
Jaguars have become a magnet for tourism.  They are certainly the focal point of this expedition but the thriving jaguar population is also an indicator of the health of this natural system.  An incredible 135 different mammal species and 475 bird species have been documented in the Pantanal.  Many of these species are charismatic, colorful, and/or simply fascinating.  There is no doubt this is one of the world’s premier wildlife-watching destinations.

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