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The Wild Source Origins Collection

What is The Origins Collection?

The Wild Source Origins Collection is a set of adventure travel itineraries that hearken back to the roots of the Original Safari Experience, stripping away the luxury focus of modern safari. These carefully designed itineraries expand The Wild Source mission to the adventure travel audience and a growing base of safari travelers interested in combining enthusiastic wildlife viewing with off-the-beaten-path adventures.

Each itinerary is more of an expedition than a vacation, focused on outstanding wildlife viewing combined with once in a lifetime experiences like mountain trekking and remote wilderness camping, to multi-night canoeing, kayaking and walking safaris. From volunteering in community projects and experiencing ancient culture first-hand – there is a wealth of adventure at your feet when you book an Origins itinerary.

The Wild Source difference in adventure travel

In addition to unbeatable active adventures, each itinerary still places an emphasis on classic safari activities like game drives guided by expert naturalist guides. These trips have been customized for distinct experiences in each destination, but the common thread is connecting with nature, wildlife and people on the African continent.

This is not a pivot away from our community of current travelers, lifetime safari enthusiasts and wildlife aficionados. Rather, it is an expansion and growth of this community, to welcome new conservationists to the fold and respond to the growing desire for sustainable and regenerative adventure travel.

Why choose an Origins itinerary?

Travel sustainably, and with purpose, as your leisure dollars go directly into supporting wildlife conservation and protecting these important and diminishing wild places on our planet.

Support local communities and empower local people as you visit camps that are operated – and in some cases, owned – by the guides and staff who grew up in the local community. Responsible tourism means supporting outfitters that pay a living wage and provide ongoing benefits to their staff. Lasting conservation can only take place when local people benefit from wildlife tourism.

Establish your foundation in the safari experience, as you place new roots on the incredible continent that we can all call Home. Meet and form relationships with guides who can be both mentor and peer. Hopefully an Origins trip is the first of many visits to these wild untamed origins of humanity.

The story behind The Origins Collection

By Emily Hancock

Safari is a profound experience. It is life-changing for nearly every person who is lucky enough to go on safari. And yet, it’s an unattainable form of travel for many people until late in life, when they have the time and money to spare on what is typically perceived as a “once in a lifetime” or “bucket list” trip.

Our own staff includes adventurous, travel-savvy individuals of a variety of ages, who have had the opportunity to experience the incredible connections that form with wildlife and humanity as a result of working in this industry and going on educational safaris. At the same time, we have found there to be a massive disconnect between our experience and our peers’.

When I personally went on safari, I saw nearly no other travelers in my age range, yet my guides were nearly all from my peer group, and I formed powerful friendships with many of them. I met a younger version of myself who was a waitress at one of our camps and is now one of the first female biologists training in the Serengeti to become a naturalist guide.

As a result of the opportunity to travel on safari, I have become an advocate for wildlife and a passionate conservationist. I have looked in the eyes of a cheetah and seen myself in her. I have shared deep conversations with local guides that surpassed any cultural boundary, and learned more than I can ever understand from those who spend every day with the wildlife that were here on this planet long before any of us.

And so I questioned: Why aren’t more of my friends and peers experiencing this? How can I make this more accessible to the next generation? How can I help more travelers like me and my colleagues to know the profound magic of being on safari – on this one of a kind journey?

Thus, The Wild Source set out with a vision to create a moe accessible style of safari that welcomes a new generation, a new group of travelers – the “wildlife curious” – to this life-changing travel experience. Origins returns to the adventure, the connection, the authenticity, and the minimalist nature of safari, and departs from the luxury suite, the plunge pool, the wine list – these are safaris for purists. For intrepid explorers. For expeditioners.

As a company we have now been widely recognized for our innovative business approach and several camps that operate under a Disruptive Empowerment model new to the safari industry, that empowers local people into ownership in the safari industry. Now, we strive to bring this empowerment mission to our Origins Collection.

The Origins Collection: Itinerary Details

Differences to Note from Our Core Sample Itineraries

  • Trip Duration: Each Origins itinerary is around 1 week in length. This is a purposeful planning strategy to make the safari adventure possible for the typical career or family-focused traveler who has limited vacation time at their disposal. Many of the itineraries are structured with easy capabilities to add an extension for a longer, more robust itinerary.
  • Price Point: Financial accessibility without sacrificing quality is the goal when it comes to Origins. The average price of these trips is under $4,000 per person, with the goal of staying under $5,000 per person total with the roundtrip international itinerary added in. There is variance depending on the number of travelers and season, but you will find our recommendations for most affordable season and minimum number of travelers for each specific itinerary.
  • Seasonality: To take advantage of best value, the majority of Origins itineraries take place in a traditionally “shoulder” or “low” season. Our wildlife biologist expertise and adventure travel experience ensures that the quality of the trip is in no way compromised by avoiding peak season premium pricing.

Ready to Book?

Head to the Itineraries page and click on “Find Your Perfect Itinerary.”  Under the “Trip Type” dropdown menu, select Origins Collection to view all Origins itineraries now available. Contact us via the website form below with your interests, and a dedicated safari planner will assist you.

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