Deserts of Namibia


From $7,950 per person 

Trip Dates:

June – October

Trip Length:

7 Days

Oryx in Namibia

Trip Details:

Namibia is a vast country, even by African standards, covering an area approximately four times the size of the United Kingdom but with a population of a mere 2 million people – one of the lowest densities in the world. It is an ‘ageless land’ of space and silence where breathtaking red dunes dominate the landscape of the southern Namibia Desert.

This safari affords you the chance to experience this magnificent country in a personal way. You will experience Namibia’s south by air with a bird’s eye view of the great sand sea and the desolate Skeleton Coast, including flying over shipwrecks, deserted mining camps and seal colonies before going on to have your own professional and experienced naturalist safari guide accompany you through the northern reaches of Namibia.

In Sossusvlei you will be hosted by the resident guides and managers, then from Damaraland onward you will have your own safari guide, who will enhance your enjoyment of this unique country by making it a fascinating and stress-free journey of discovery amidst dramatic scenery.

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This safari offers a wide variety of experiences in some of the most iconic destinations in Namibia:


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