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The Wild Source Referral Rewards Program

Showing Gratitude For Our Growing Community​

We are excited to offer our Referral Rewards Program. This initiative is an effort to grow and give thanks to our community. Community is so important in our business. Now more than ever, we want to recognize those who are helping us grow The Wild Source community. As a token of our appreciation, those who send us referrals may now be eligible to receive a $250 referral credit. Please see the details below.
Help us grow The Wild Source community!

Referral Rewards Program Details

You may be eligible for a $250 referral credit if your referral results in a new safari.
The following terms apply:
  • Referrer must have previously traveled with The Wild Source.
  • The referral must be a new client who has not previously communicated with The Wild Source.
  • The new referral must provide their referrer’s name during the initial stages of contact in order for the referrer to be eligible for a credit.
  • The referral must result in a new (independent) booking.
  • One credit may be awarded per new booking, not per person on the booking.
  • Credit will be awarded once the new booking confirms with deposit payment.
  • Credits will be valid for 5 years from the initial award date.
  • Credits may be applied towards balance payments on new bookings.
  • We reserve the right to award or withhold referral credits at our discretion.
  • Agents and other travel professionals will not be eligible for credits.


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