Fraud Blocker Congo Discovery Safari with Paul Kirui - Group Trip 2024

Congo Discovery Photographic Safari with Paul Kirui – Group Trip 2024


Cost is $14,900 per person

Single supplement $3,275

Trip Dates:

August 4 – August 12, 2024

Trip Length:

8 nights / 9 days

Western Lowland Gorilla in the Congo rainforest

Trip Details:

This one-of-a-kind photography focused journey is lead by Paul Kirui, who is among the most accomplished guides and photography leaders in all of Africa. Paul was just the second guide in Kenya to achieve Gold Level Status. Paul is Chairman of the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association, in 2014 was named one of Conde Naste’s 15 Safari Guide Legends, and earned the Ecotourism Guide of the Year award in both 2016 & 2017. He frequently guides for the BBC.

Join Paul to experience one of Africa’s least-explored wilderness areas and the world’s second-largest rainforest, the 4-million sq km Congo Basin, on a journey that supports low-impact tourism and conservation of one of the planet’s essential and irreplaceable ecosystems.

By foot, vehicle, boat, and kayak you’ll explore Odzala-Kokoua National Park from three unique camps that together highlight the incredible biodiversity of the tropical rainforest ecosystem, knowing that your visit contributes to the low-impact tourism model that protects one of the most beautiful and intact rainforests on the planet.

Trek with researchers to the critically endangered western lowland gorillas. Sit along the bais for the chance to observe even the shiest of species who arrive to quench their thirst and source precious minerals including forest elephants, forest buffalo, bongo, and bushpig. Experience the diverse landscapes from dense forest to savannah grasslands and wide, meandering rivers.

While Odzala is home to the pioneering research of the western lowland gorilla, this is far more than a gorilla trekking expedition. It is a journey well suited to the adventurous and curious traveler who appreciates a multitude of nature’s creatures and the physical demands of forest walking trails, kayaking, and river walks.

Over 100 different mammal species are found here including western lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, and red-tailed monkeys. More terrestrial species include forest buffalo, sitatunga, and species of duiker some not much larger than rabbits. Herds of shy forest elephants move along ancient pathways and over 400 bird species also call Odzala home.

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