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Walk On the Wild Side Safari - Return to Mfuwe Lodge

Monday, 12 October 2009 13:00 by BillGiven

*** 11/02/09 Update!:***
Bill has returned from Mfuwe Lodge and has documented his experience in this Mfuwe Lodge Camp Update

Mfuwe Lodge is once again the current location for Bill and his group. They have finished back where they started at the beginning of their walking safari journey. I believe that Bill will be taking in either more walks or a game drive leading to this final night at Mfuwe Lodge. For more information about the accommoadtions and activities at Mfuwe, please see our previous Mfuwe Lodge blog entry. Next stop is Victoria Falls in Zambia.

Photo of a young elephant
Elephants Like This One Have Been Known To Travel Through Mfuwe's Lobby
Photo © Bill Given

Please see the itinerary and map below for details on Bill's current Walk on the Wild Side Safari.

Walk on the Wildside Safari Key

As you can see from the above map, Mfuwe was where the walking safari started, and also where it is coming to a close. The current location (red pin) is somewhat obscured by the other nearby walking safari locations - but a larger map was needed here to show that the next destination on this part of the Zambia Safari is Victoria Falls.

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