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Kwando Safaris - African Wild Dog Puppy Photos

Wednesday, 22 July 2009 11:06 by BillGiven

Kwando Lagoon Pack - African Wild Dog Puppy Photos!

African Wild Dog Pups Pose For First Photo Session

I just received an email from Linda at Kwando Safaris. They now have photos of the new members of the Lagoon pack. They have confirmed that there are 9 new African Wild Dog puppies. The African Wild Dog den is a short 20 minute drive from Kwando Lagoon Camp and they are most active outside the den during evenings.

The photos below are all copyright Kwando Safaris - and all were taken on Sunday, July 19th.

Photo of African Wild Dog Puppies Nursing at Kwando Lagoon Camp
African Wild Dogs nursing near Kwando Lagoon Camp
© Kwando Safaris

Photo of African Wild Dog Puppies Congregating at Kwando Lagoon Camp
The new members of the Kwando Lagoon Camp sticking together
© Kwando Safaris

Linda also mentions that there are also Hyena pups within a close drive from camp. No pictures of the hyena pups as of yet.

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