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Africa Safari Blogs - Post of the day 7/22/09

Tuesday, 28 July 2009 09:51 by BillGiven

Bonobos - What Are They?

Today's Africa Safari Blog Post of the day comes to us from Dr. Terese Hart who is working to preserve the TL2 forest in the Democractic Republic of the Congo. The TL2 forest is home to the bonobos (pictured) - who reside only in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. While similar to chimpanzees, they differ in the following significant ways (to name just a few):

  • smaller rounder heads
  • longer rear legs
  • bonobos have red lips

Photo of a Female Bonobo
A Female Bonobo

For the full description of Bonobos provided on the website - be sure to check out their page describing bonobos in depth.

Today's blog post from Dr. Hart's site - "Searching for Bonobo in Congo" deals primarily with orienteering and I found it an interesting read. While today's post doesn't deal directly with Bonobos or wildlife species in general, it does discuss the troubles of trying to navigate the Congo - even with GPS. The dense forest can sometimes result in sporadic satellite reception. The post discusses hunting - and making sure that no endangered species are being hunted for bushmeat. I strongly encourage visitors to check out the rest of the posts which deal with the project and other issues related to conservation in the Congo.

Bonobos Video

I was able to dig up this short National Geographic video about bonobos. If you're unfamiliar with Bonobos - this provides a decent introduction - but please ignore the title - these are bonobos - not chimps. Although the narrative is a bit on the corny side - the video does reveal some interesting facts about Bonobos. As you can clearly see in the video - Bonobos walk upright frequently. They are also somewhat unique in the mammal world in that it is the females - not the males - that must leave the troop when they reach adulthood.

You can find great blogs like the one at Searching for Bonobo in Congo in our Africa Safari News and Blogs Section.

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