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Evaluating Safari Deals Part 6: When Good Value Trumps a Safari Deal

Friday, 22 May 2009 09:43 by webmaster

To help provide insight into this new safari deals section of the website, I have decided to put together a six part blog post about how to best evaluate a safari deal:

This is the final installment of that six part blog post: When Good Value Trumps Safari Deals

When Good Value Trumps Safari Deals

African Wild Dog Puppy at Mapula Lodge
Guests at Mapula Lodge have had extraordinary African Wild Dog puppy viewing for nightly rates 25% or more below similar camps.
Photo by Bill Given.

People get caught up in safari deal mania and enter the mind-set that they will only book with a special safari deal offer. Some camps and lodges have always maintained prices well below their competitors and their regular prices are still often less than what special offers can deliver. Because they remain priced below the new deal levels and they have always operated on lower profit margins these camps have no need to offer any specials. In fact, they continue to deliver a consistent product as they are accustomed to their pricing model.

Unfortunately, sometimes the higher priced places are not as adept at operating for lower rates and they cut corners to a noticeable extent. Now is a good time to try out some of these vintage style operators who have consistently provided great experiences for less money over the last couple years.

Recommendation For Finding Good Value That Isn't Technically Even a Safari "Deal" or Special

Don't get so caught up in looking for "safari specials" or "safari deals" or "safari offers" that you miss great values. It is almost too easy to hop the computer and find these deals and specials with a search engine. Many camps have outstanding value - and you'll probably never find them searching for special deals on Google. I would be happy to discuss potential camps that offer great value and still meet your safari objectives. Contact Me.

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