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Tanzania Safari Days 4 and 5: Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania

Saturday, 16 May 2009 09:45 by webmaster


Bill is now in Mahale National Park in Tanzania for the third stop of his 2009 Tanzania Safari. Click below to see the other stops on the 2009 Tanzania Safari.

Mahale National Park (Mahale Mountains National Park)

For today and tomorrow, Bill will be staying at the Kungwe Beach Lodge in Mahale National Park, Tanzania. From his last time in Mahale National Park in February, 2008, we have an amazing, detailed account of his Chimpanzee Encounters. From this accounting of his last trip, you'll learn a lot about Mahale National Park and the wild chimpanzees who reside there, including:

  • Bill's Most Amazing Close-up Wildlife Encounter Ever
  • Chimpanzee Politics - Lots of Political Manuevering Within the Group
  • Rules For Chimp Viewing (small groups, masks)
  • How Close Do You Get to the Chimpanzees? (Hint: many don't seem to have a comfort zone)
  • How to Best Prepare for The Jungle Environment (for photos, and eyeglass wearers)
  • Other Primates You Can Expect to See in Mahale

I'm really looking forward to hearing his stories from this portion of the safari trip. For more information about Mahale - see the official Mahale Mountains National Park Website

Tanzania Safari Key

Above, you can see Bill's progress for the 2009 Tanzania Safari. He is currently in Mahale Mountains National Park for today and tomorrow. After that, he'll be moving on to Gombe Stream National Park on Monday. The map is completely interactive - click on the pins to learn more about the locations and accommodations.

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